Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 are eligible to participate in any sport activity. The exception is football, an activity for grade 8 students. Competition and practices in the sports are held Monday through Friday except cheerleading where the squads participate in a Saturday meet. In order to try out for any of the sport activities, the parent and student must have submitted the required permission forms available under the athletic link.

Bangor Middle School Athletics (JFDS / WSCS) 


1. To provide an opportunity for talented athletes in Bangor’s middle schools to compete against talented athletes from other schools.
2. To provide an opportunity for the student to refine skills and knowledge of the game.
3. To provide opportunity for the student to represent the school, promote school spirit, and citizenship.
4. To provide an opportunity for the student to be a member of a team and to learn the importance and satisfaction of working together as a team.
5. To provide an opportunity for the student to strive for success and to accept lack of success in competition.
6. To promote individual responsibilities and commitment.

Practice will be held on regular basis. A complete practice and game schedule will be distributed to players in the near future.

1. Meet the Interscholastic Sport Eligibility Criteria.
2. All permission forms and health information must be completed and on file in the office before a student may
participate in any practice or tryout.

1. Sportsmanship will be shown at all times, on and off the field or court.
2. The player will obey all training rules regarding use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.
3. The player will attend all practices and games unless excused by the coach. An unexcused absence will mean
the player sits out the next game. Two unexcused absences may lead to dismissal from the team.
4. The player will obey all school wide rules.
5. The player will be responsible for the cleanliness and proper care of their uniform.
6. All players will ride bus transportation to and from all games and practices when provided unless excused by
the coach into the care of their parent or guardian.
7. Players may be asked to dress as a team on game days.

1. Skills evident
2. Present physical condition/stamina
3. Knowledge of the game
4. Attitude and desire
5. Demonstrates cooperative spirit

If selected as a member of any group representing the James F. Doughty School or the William S. Cohen School, I do hereby agree to abide by all requirements of the activity, school policies, code of conduct, and transportation rules as set forth by the school and coaching/advisory staff. I understand that these regulations are in effect for as long as I am a member of the activity on the playing fields, courts, or performances, during school and outside school during the activity season. I understand that violations may lead to immediate
dismissal from the activity.